Deploy Deliveries

A delivery is a self-contained file that includes the tasks a runtime needs to run an integration flow, as well as these tasks' configuration (For example, the connection information such as hosts, ports, passwords, etc).

A delivery is generated, deployed, and finally executed or scheduled on a runtime.

There are three main methods to generate deliveries:

Deploy Deliveries from the Designer

This method does not require generating a package as the Designer takes care of the configuration and generation from the project artifacts.

The configuration that is set in the generated delivery is the one selected in Designer at generation-time.

The delivery is deployed and published to the currently connected runtime.

To generate a delivery from the Designer:

  1. In the Runtime view, select and connect the runtime to which you want to deploy.

  2. In the Project Explorer, select the mapping or process you want to deploy.

  3. Right-click and select Build/Run > Publish > Delivery.
    The delivery is generated and published to the selected runtime. You can run or schedule it on this runtime.

You can select in the Project Explorer multiple processes and mappings to publish multiple deliveries. You can also select entire projects and folders to publish the deliveries for all the processes and mappings they contain.

Deploy Deliveries from Analytics

For production environements, Semarchy xDI Analytics provides features to import, configure, generate and deploy deliveries in multiple environments from the generated packages, using Delivery Projects.

Deploy Deliveries Manually

To manully deploy a delivery to a target runtime:

  1. Copy the delivery file (.deliv) in the target runtime’s deliveries folder. This folder is located in the /build/deliveries/ sub-folder of the Runtime installation directory.