Semarchy xDI 2024.1 Release Notes

This document provides the latest information about Semarchy xDI version 2024.1, including new features and bug fixes.

Support information

Semarchy xDI version 2024.1 is a long-term support (LTS) release.

LTS product versions are released annually, and include all changes introduced since the last LTS release. They are maintained and supported for an extended period with patches and fixes.

Alternatively, mainstream support (MS) versions offer the latest improvements and features, and are released more frequently.

For more details about our releases and support policies, see our Support and maintenance terms.

Feature highlights

Semarchy xDI 2024.1 consolidates features and fixes from prior Mainstream Support versions, and adds new features and bug fixes as well. For more information about updates in versions from this past year, refer to these release notes:

Read on for features and changes specific to version 2024.1.


xDI 2024.1 introduces serializers, which aid users to transform and integrate complex hierarchical data structures into single text columns. Like with deserializers, users will find an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to add serializers to mappings, and fluid prompts to configure how the serializer functions.

In this release, serializers for JSON as RDBMS Strings and JSON as Snowflake VARIANTS are available.

New deserializer templates

Semarchy xDI expands on deserializers with dedicated templates to deserialize XML data contained in Greenplum and PostgreSQL database columns.

Runtime metrics, monitoring, and health check

xDI Runtime adds the ability to monitor the Runtime with metrics and health information. This feature gives administrators an overview of the xDI infrastructure health, letting them detect bottlenecks and potential issues.

Expressions with target data

xDI Designer now allows you to use columns from target datastores in mapping expressions when their execution location is set to Target. This feature allows for data manipulation and processing after data has reached its target, removing some previous processing limitations.

New connectors

Azure Service Bus

Semarchy xDI brings initial support for Azure Service Bus, a cloud messaging system for connecting apps and devices across public and private clouds.

Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB

Semarchy xDI adds support for Azure Cosmos DB, allowing you to integrate Microsoft’s multimodel database service with any other supported source or target technology.

This new connector supports the MongoDB and PostgreSQL data models.

Updated connectors

Snowflake - Snowpipe Streaming API

The Snowflake connector has been updated with support for the Snowpipe Streaming API, making it possible to continuously stream rows of data into Snowflake tables.

Elasticsearch version 8

Elasticsearch version 8 is now supported.

Other notable changes

System requirements

Semarchy xDI 2024.1 adds official support for the latest Long Term Support version of Java, Java 21 LTS. Java 17 LTS remains supported.

Support has been added for the following Runtime and Analytics backend databases:

  • Oracle Database 21c

  • PostgreSQL version 15

  • PostgreSQL version 16

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2022.

The following versions are no longer supported as Runtime and Analytics backend databases:

  • Oracle Database 18c and below

  • PostgreSQL versions 11 and below

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017.

Review Semarchy xDI system requirements here.

Improved sub-metadata support

Sub-metadata support has been expanded in connectors. The Couchbase connector now supports sub-metadata at the cluster and scope level, and the HTTP Rest connector supports it for root and path nodes.

Runtime IPv6

The xDI Runtime now supports IPv6 connections out-of-the-box. This change also applies to access restriction configurations, which now accept IPv6 in single address or CIDR format.

Java JMX now on by default

Java Management Extensions (JMX) are now re-enabled by default. See Java Options.

OAuth2 improvements

OAuth2 code has undergone a refactoring to speed up its implementation in other connectors.

Deprecated features

  • This release deprecates some environment variables from older xDI versions. They should be replaced with their current XDI-prefixed equivalents. See Deprecated environment variables.

  • The option to disable certificate checking in Amazon S3 tools has been deprecated, as it is no longer exposed in the latest Amazon SDK.

Removed features

Support for AUTONOMOUS SQL transactions has been removed due to unreliable SQL behavior. In older projects that are still configured to use this transaction type, xDI will interpret those transactions as AUTOCOMMIT instead.



xDI Analytics

Features and improvements
  • DI-8203: Suppress overly verbose information from Tomcat startup logs.

  • DI-8426: Certify PostgreSQL versions 15.x and 16.x for use as Semarchy xDI backend databases.

  • DI-8600: Upgrade Eclipse target platform.

  • DI-8711: Add support for Java 21 LTS.

  • DI-8767: Certify Microsoft SQL Server 2022 for use as a Semarchy xDI backend database.

  • DI-8963: Certify Oracle version 21c for use as a Semarchy xDI backend database.

Bug fixes
  • DI-8831: Upgrade JSON third-party libraries.

  • DI-9036: Fix page access over OpenAPI 3 URL.

xDI Designer

Features and improvements
  • DI-3419: Add support for field expressions that reference target columns when the execution location is set to Target.

  • DI-5353: Add support for Elasticsearch 8.

  • DI-7621: Implement serializer functionality in Designer. Use the serializer in mappings to parse structured data from a source and flatten it to string data.

  • DI-8601: Upgrade eclipse target platform.

  • DI-8710: Add support for Java 21 LTS.

Bug fixes
  • DI-4858: Fix which icons are displayed when a connector technology inherits properties from another one.

  • DI-5757: Fix dragging and dropping inside a metadata reference field on Linux and macOS.

  • DI-7328: Fix inability to create a stage or deserializer when dragging and dropping a schema into a mapping, on Linux instances of Designer.

  • DI-7973: Fix the Metadata Process Palette so the Process Reference parameter selector displays processes instead of metadata only.

  • DI-8441: Refactor HTTP proxy handling; fixes various HTTP errors.

  • DI-8522: Fix removing or replacing output structure in a deserializer.

  • DI-8544: Correctly display only available metadata when opening the metadata creation wizard.

  • DI-8730: Fix error logged when selecting a Deserializer field.

  • DI-8737: xDI Designer freezes when moving items in the project explorer.

  • DI-8783: Handle special characters correctly when using the "WKS:/" prefix to select files in CLI mode.

  • DI-8816: Fix invalid query generated for a mapping when a datastore or stage alias is a reserved word.

  • DI-8872: Executing an Uber runtime does not generate a mapping execution log.

  • DI-8916: Handle directory paths correctly when they contain escape characters such as \t.

  • DI-8966: Missing element IDs may cause errors when copying a mapping.

  • DI-9029: Show an error when a datasource staging area is defined in a mapping, but the component is not installed.

  • DI-9184: Fields and descriptors are deleted when unmapping an expression on a stage.

xDI Runtime

Features and improvements
  • DI-7889: Allow parameters in the scheduler configuration file to properly use environment variables.

  • DI-7945: Add new connector for Azure Service Bus, a cloud messaging as a service platform.

  • DI-8107: Enable IPv6 support in the Runtime by default.

  • DI-8426: Certify PostgreSQL versions 15.x and 16.x for use as Semarchy xDI backend databases.

  • DI-8478: Update Rhino third-party library.

  • DI-8713: Add support for Java 21 LTS.

  • DI-8738: Generate correct URL to access Runtime Swagger/OpenAPI definitions behind a load balancer.

  • DI-8767: Certify Microsoft SQL Server 2022 for use as a Semarchy xDI backend database.

  • DI-8963: Certify Oracle version 21c for use as a Semarchy xDI backend database.

  • DI-8964: Add health and status monitoring capabilities to xDI Runtime.

Bug fixes
  • DI-7370: Remove AUTONOMOUS SQL transaction type, as it has no effect.

  • DI-8451: Remove unused metadata parameter from the file driver JDBC URL.

  • DI-8524: Failed processes do not always close their database connections properly.

  • DI-8681: Delivery cannot be deleted if the internal scheduler is not started.

  • DI-8702: Update Spring third-party library.

  • DI-8703: Fix unclosed statement in exception block.

  • DI-8733: When a runtime is configured to use synchFirstLog mode with log level 0, Java session threads cannot close.

  • DI-8741: Executing a command with the operating system command action takes longer than executing the same command externally.

  • DI-8791: Fix connection pooling error due to SQL To Parameters action failure.

  • DI-8806: Fix runtime connection leak when using autocommit connections.

  • DI-8817: Re-enable JMX by default on the xDI Runtime. This allows xDI Runtime monitoring in environments such as Docker.

  • DI-8835: Correctly parse configuration files with multi-line properties when generating a delivery.

  • DI-8908: JDBC connection properties are cached beyond their expected expiration period.

  • DI-9030: Fix mapping build failure when using a WSDL metadata as target.

  • DI-9053: Update Spring Boot third-party libraries.

  • DI-9054: Update Spring Framework third-party libraries.

License Server

Features and improvements
  • DI-8712: Add support for Java 21 LTS.

Bug fixes
  • DI-8687: Update Jetty third-party library.

  • DI-8865: Update Spring Boot third-party libraries.

  • DI-9049: Update Spring Framework third-party libraries.