Introduction to Semarchy xDM Dashboard

Semarchy xDM Dashboard is the component of Semarchy xDM for designing visualizations and dashboards that create insight by combining your business data and the data stored and managed in the Semarchy xDM intelligent data hubs.

In Semarchy xDM Dashboard, designers:

  1. Connect a variety of datasources, including data warehouses, enterprise applications or Semarchy xDM data locations.

  2. Develop queries on those data sources. These queries return datasets with identified attributes.

  3. Design charts that use the query attributes as dimensions or aggregated metrics to render visualizations, such as bar, column, line or pie charts.

  4. Arrange charts into dashboards, which are grouped into dashboard applications.

  5. Optionally embed charts and dashboards into Semarchy xDM forms and applications.

Semarchy xDM supports embedding charts and dashboard in Semarchy Applications, using the following methods:

  • Charts and Dashboard tabs can be embedded into Forms, possibly binding entity attribute values to chart and dashboard parameters.

  • Dashboards can be opened as embedded editors, using a dedicated application action.