Google Translate enricher

The Google Translate enricher translates strings using the Google Translate service.

Plug-in ID

Google Translate Enricher - com.semarchy.engine.plugins.convergence.translate.v2


This enricher translates an Input Text from a Source Language to a Target Language using the Google Translate service. The source language is automatically detected if unspecified. This enricher requires a valid Google Key.

This plug-in must be used in compliance with the Google Translate APIs Terms of Service.
This enricher uses the Google Translate Service, which must be accessible from the Semarchy xDM Application at the following URL:<parameters>. Make sure to make this URL accessible through your firewalls.
This plug-in is thread-safe and supports parallel execution.

Plug-in parameters

The following table lists the plug-in parameters.

Parameter name Mandatory Type Description

Application Name



Name of the client application accessing the Google Translate service. Application names should preferably have the format <company-id>_<app-name>_<app-version>. The name will be used by the Google servers to monitor the source of authentication.

Google Key



Google API Key. It is a unique key that you generate using the Google API Console.

Plug-in inputs

The following table lists the plug-in inputs.

Input name Mandatory Type Description

Input Text



Text to translate.

Source Language



Language of the input text. If it is unspecified, it is detected from the input text.

Target Language



Target language for the translation.

Plug-in outputs

The following table lists the plug-in outputs.

Output name Type Description

Translated Text


Translated Text.