Close and create a new model edition

This operation closes the latest open model edition in a branch and opens a new one. The closed model edition is frozen and can no longer be edited, but can be deployed to production environments.

Close a model edition

It is only possible to close an open edition. This edition is the latest one from a branch.

To close and create a new edition:

  1. In the Management view, expand the Model Administration node, then expand the model and the model branch containing the edition that you want to close.

  2. Right-click the latest model edition of the branch (indicated as opened) and select Close and Create New Edition.

  3. Click OK to confirm closing the model edition.

  4. The Enter a comment for this new model edition dialog, enter a comment for the new model edition. This comment should explain why this new edition was created.

  5. Click OK. The model is validated, then a new model edition is created and opened in the Model Design view.

It is only possible to close a model that is valid.
Be cautious when closing a model edition. Closing an edition cannot be undone, and a closed edition cannot be reopened.