The Workflow Builder

The Workflow Builder module allows you to design workflow definitions. Business users perform actions in an application that trigger workflow instances of the corresponding workflow definitions.

Data-driven workflows, available in Semarchy xDM 2023.1 and later, are subject to specific licensing requirements; please confirm your eligibility to use such new functionality by consulting your license agreement or by contacting your Semarchy account representative prior to use.
All customers can still use the workflow feature available in previous versions (now known as legacy workflows). For more information, see Workflows (legacy).

Workflow Builder overview

The Workflow Builder module is accessible from the welcome page.

workflow welcome page

The module allows you to select the model edition in which you wish to create or edit a workflow.

workflow model editions

Selecting a model edition allows you to see the list of its workflow definitions.

workflow definitions

In the navigation drawer, you can click Validate All to validate all the workflow definitions at once.

You can open an existing workflow definition to edit it or create a new workflow definition by clicking workflow add button.

Workflow editor

To create or edit a workflow definition, Workflow Builder provides:

  • A visual editor:

    editor custom

    The visual editor represents the workflow as a diagram. Whenever you click an element in the diagram, a side panel sweeps in from the right. It allows you to set the properties of the selected element.

    Similarly, to edit the properties of the workflow definition, you can click anywhere in the blank space. The side panel sweeps in from the right and allows you to set the properties of the workflow definition.

  • A form-based editor:

    editor form based

    The form-based editor shows the entire workflow definition in a single form and does not include any diagram.

You can switch between the two editors by clicking workflow switch editor in the top right-hand corner.

Custom editor tools

The following tools are available in the workspace:

Tool Actions


Validates the workflow definition.


Saves the workflow definition.


Opens/closes the side panel.

workflow switch editor

Switches between the visual and form-based editors.

zoom in

Zooms into the workflow diagram.

zoom out

Zooms out of the workflow diagram.

fit to page

Fits the workflow diagram into the page.

workflow add button

Adds a step to the workflow definition.

The following tools are available in the side panel:

Tool Action


Deletes the selected element.


Renames the selected element.


Closes the side panel.