Configure Runtime Services

Services Overview

The Semarchy xDI Runtime exposes multiple services:

  • An HTTP (REST and SOAP) Service, exposing endpoints to communicate with the Runtime and also start deliveries. Its default port is 42200.

  • A built-in Scheduler Service.

You may have to configure these services to accomodate network and security rules.

Configure Services

You can configure these services in the following section of the engineParameters.xml configuration file.

Example 1. Service configuration
	<!-- Services startup -->
	<parameter name="launchSchedulerEngine" value="true"/>
	<parameter name="launchExecutionEngine" value="true"/>
	<parameter name="httpHost" value="localhost"/>
	<!-- Services Ports -->
	<parameter name="httpServerPort" value="42200"/>

The following table lists the parameters available to configure these services and their listening ports.

Parameter Default value Description



Start the built-in scheduler.



Start the execution engine.



The HTTP (REST and SOAP) endpoints host (IP address or hostname). You can specify it for specific network configurations. For example, when there are multiple domains, or when address translation generate different IP addresses for the same host. It defaults to localhost when undefined.



Listening port for the HTTP (REST and SOAP) endpoints.

You can also secure the communication with these services. See Runtime Security for more details.