Install Components

A Component contains all the resources required to work on a given technology. For example, to integrate data with Snowflake, you use the Snowflake Component.

This document details how to install components and connectors using Semarchy xDI Designer.

Some components are already installed by default in Semarchy xDI Designer. Other components must be installed.

Certain components require a specific license. A component not included in your license can be installed, but will not be usable in Semarchy xDI Designer. The components available in your license are displayed in the Components tab of the License Manager.

Components Contents

A Component contains resources such as:

  • Technology definitions

  • Metadata definitions

  • Templates

  • Modules

  • Sample Projects

Install Components

To install components:

  1. In Designer, select the Help > Install New Software menu.
    The Install dialog opens.

  2. In Work with, select the update site serving the components. It is recommended to use the update site corresponding to your quarterly version.

    The update site URL respects the following syntax:<GA_Year>.<GA_Quarter>


    1. 2023.1 LTS:

    2. 2023.4 MS:

    You can use versions of components higher than your Designer/Runtime version. Note, however, that the installer will refuse to install them if they are not compatible due to dependency requirements. If you have this issue, you must update Designer/Runtime before you can install the components.
  3. Select the components that you want to install and click Next

  4. Review the list of components to install and click Next

  5. Review and accept the license terms, and then click Finish

  6. Restart Designer if prompted to.

You can review the components installed in Designer from the About dialog, by clicking the Installation Details button.

From that dialog, you can also selectively uninstall components.

About upgrades

When Designer starts, it automatically updates the existing Modules as necessary with the latest resources available for the related Component.

Using Components

You can use a component immediately after installing it.

For example, if you installed Elasticsearch Component, you can start by creating Elasticsearch Metadata. This new option appears in Metadata creation dialog.

Refer to the Components documentation for more information about specific components.

Sample Projects

Certain components come with a sample project to demonstrate its usage, with metadata, mapping and process examples.

When you installing a component, the sample project for this components becomes available.

To import a sample project:

  1. In Designer, select the Help > Welcome menu.

  2. Select the Samples page.

  3. In the Samples page, select the sample project for your component and then click Finish.

The sample project is installed into your workspace.