Install components in Semarchy xDI Designer

A component is a software package that contains all the resources needed to work with a specific technology. For example, to integrate data with Snowflake, you have to install and use the Snowflake Component.

Some components are already available by default in Semarchy xDI Designer. Other components need to be installed.

Components contents

A component contains resources such as:

  • Technology definitions

  • Metadata definitions

  • Templates

  • Modules

  • Sample Projects

Component licenses

Certain components require a specific license. You can still install components not included in your license, but they are not usable in xDI Designer.

The components allowed by your license are displayed in the Components tab of the License Manager.

Install components

To install components:

  1. In xDI Designer, open the Help menu, and select Install New Software menu to open the Install window.

  2. In the Work with dropdown menu, select an update site. Use the update site with a version number corresponding to your quarterly software version.

    The update site URI uses the following syntax:<version_year>.<version_quarter>

    Example for version 2023.4 MS:

  3. Select the components that you want to install, and click Next

  4. Review the list of components to install, and click Next

  5. Review and accept the license terms, then click Finish

  6. Restart Designer when prompted.

You can install component versions released after your xDI software version. However, Designer cannot install them if the software dependencies are incompatible. If you have this issue, you must update your xDI software before you can install these components.

Semarchy xDI Designer loads all installed components at startup. Adding components makes the startup process slower.

To improve startup speed, limit your installed components to the ones you are actively using.

Manage components

To open the components list:

  1. In xDI Designer, open the Help menu, and select About Semarchy xDI Designer.

  2. Click the Installation Details button to open a details window.

From this window you can review the list of components, update them, or uninstall them.

To uninstall a component:

  1. In the Installation Details window, select the components that you want to remove, and click Uninstall…​

  2. Review the list of components to remove, and click Finish.

  3. Restart Designer when prompted.

Use components

Components are available after installing them. You can start creating their metadata objects and designing integration flows after restarting xDI Designer.

Refer to the reference documentation for more information about specific components.

Sample projects

Some components come with sample project to show their usage. Sample projects contain metadata, mappings, and process examples. Installing components also makes their sample project available.

To import a sample project:

  1. In Designer, select the Help > Welcome menu.

  2. Select the Samples page.

  3. In the Samples page, select the sample project for your component and then click Finish.

The sample project is added to your workspace.

Sample projects