Getting started with Proxy metadata in xDI Designer

Follow this guide to get started with Proxy metadata.

Create the metadata

Open the Create Metadata wizard. Choose the Proxy type, and give your new metadata a meaningful name.

Creation wizard showing Proxy metadata type

After the wizard closes, the Proxy metadata opens in a new tab, and is ready for you to add entries.

Define a proxy entry

Right-click the top-level metadata node and select New > Proxy.

Proxy metadata submenu labeled New.

Authentication information

Proxy metadata has no wizard. The properties window opens immediately.

There are five fields to fill out, based on your proxy configuration:

Property Description


User-defined label to help reference the entry later.


Hostname or IP address of the proxy.


Internet port to access the proxy.


HTTP username for the proxy.


HTTP password for the proxy.

Properties for the Proxy metadata subnode

When all the fields are filled out, save the Proxy metadata object. It is now ready to use.