Optimizing command-line interface tasks

How you configured Semarchy xDI Designer in your environment impacts startup speed and script execution. This applies to both the graphical interface, as well as the command-line interface.

If executing scripts from the Designer command line starts taking too long, Designer has some options to help reduce these delays.

Optimizations on this page may cause unexpected behavior. Test your changes thoroughly before you deploy them to a production environment.


Reduce installed components

When it starts, Designer loads each installed component. Installing a lot of components makes the Designer startup time much longer.

Removing unneded xDI components speeds up both graphical startup, as well as script execution from the command line.

If you have multiple scripts with different component requirements, you can also install multiple instances of Designer, each with different installed components. Run your scripts from the most appropriate instance.

Disable module regeneration

When it starts, Designer recreates all of its modules from the available libraries. While this feature guarantees module files stay clean, it may not be necessary if your environment does not change.

Disable module regeneration by launching Designer with the following Java option:


Clean projects without rebuilding the cache

You can use the -cleanProjects and -rebuildCache command line parameters to clean projects and rebuild the Designer cache when executing a script. This cleanup helps remove stale data, and ensures recent changes are compiled properly. However, these options add delays when executing scripts.

If you want to reduce this delay, you can change how you use the -cleanProjects and -rebuildCache command-line switches:

Switches used Effect


Performs no cleanup at execution. No delay.


Recompiles processes before script execution, but leaves the Designer cache as-is. Medium delay.

-cleanProjects and -rebuildCache

Recompiles processes and rebuilds the Designer cache at execution. Slowest delay.

Using the -cleanProjects switch on its own is a good compromise between speed and file integrity. You can still rebuild the Designer cache manually.