Manage production with Semarchy xDI Analytics


Semarchy xDI Analytics provides a user interface to administer and monitor Semarchy xDI in production environments.

xDI Analytics allows administrators to:

  • Create Session Reports to monitor session execution over time.

  • Create and deploy deliveries to runtimes.

  • Create and configure runtime environments, for example for development, test, production, etc.

  • Manage metadata configuration and values such as server URLs, passwords, etc, in each environment.

  • Manage Semarchy xDI at runtime using a REST API.

Using xDI Analytics, administrators can parameterize packages, deploy them to production, schedule and monitor their executions, etc.


Semarchy xDI Analytics is a web application to manage the entire production lifecycle, including environment configuration, deployment, and monitoring.

With xDI Analytics can define environments for development, test, or production purposes, each with its own set of runtimes and configurations.

You can manage the entire production lifecycle in these environments, using dedicated features to configure and publish versioned deliveries with a maintained build history.

xDI Analytics exposes execution logs with statistics, graphs, with detailed drill-down calabilities.

User interface

The xDI Analytics graphical interface appears as shown below:

ana overview with package editors