Configure Analytics

This document describes the elements administrators can configure in Semarchy xDI Analytics for production deployment and monitoring.


You need to configure a few things in xDI Analytics to monitor sessions and deploy packages:

  • Runtimes, in order to deploy and schedule deliveries and monitor session executions.

  • Log Databases, in order to monitor session executions.

  • Profiles grouping multiple runtimes and log databases you want to monitor in reports.

  • Environments grouping multiple runtimes and metadata configurations used when deploying with delivery projects.

  • Statistics that appear in the session reports.

You can configure them in the Administration editor.

Administration editor

The Administration editor lets you set up your production environment, manage metadata configurations, and configure xDI Analytics preferences as well.

To open the Administration editor:

  1. Find the main Analytics toolbar.

  2. Go to the user menu and select Administration to open the editor.

In this editor, the bottom tabs correspond to the element that can be configured.

ana administration