Create a Delivery Project

Delivery Projects are used to configure, manage and deploy deliveries to multiple environments.

To create a delivery project:

  1. In the Administration editor, select the Delivery Projects tab at the bottom of the editor.

  2. Click Add

  3. Enter a Name for the Delivery Project

  4. Create one or more Package Managers.

    1. In the Package Managers section, Click Add Package Manager.
      The new package manager appears in the list.

    2. Click the package manager in the list to edit its name.

    3. Select Deploy as web service if you want the deliveries in this package manager published as services when deployed on runtimes.

  5. Add one or more Environments.

    1. In the Package Managers section, Click Add Environment.

    2. In the Environments dialog, select environments - that you have previously defined - to use in that delivery projects, click Add and then click OK.

The order into which environments appear order in a Package Manager Editor is the order into which they have been added to the Delivery Project. To change that order, delete and re-create the environments in the desired order.

ana parameters delivery project

When a Delivery Project has multiple environments, you can manage the lifecycle of each package manager across the various environments. For instance, if a Delivery Project uses the Test and Production environments, you can for a given package manager version 1.0 to Production and version 2.0 to Test without impacting the Production environment.