Upgrade Semarchy xDI Analytics

This document provides instructions to upgrade Semarchy xDI Analytics.

Pre-Upgrade Steps

This section describes the operations to perform before upgrading Semarchy xDI Analytics.

Review The Release Notes

The release notes contain the latest information about the Semarchy xDI release, such as new features, bug fixes, breaking changes, and removals.

System Requirements

Review the system requirements for the new release. Take special note of supported Java, Apache Tomcat, and Eclipse Jetty versions, as you may need to install newer ones depending on which Analytics version you are upgrading from.

Backup Semarchy xDI Analytics

Before upgrading xDI Analytics, it is recommended to perform a backup of your current installation, including:

  • The xDI Analytics database.

  • The xDI Analytics webapp home directory.

  • The xDI Analytics Web Application Archive (WAR file) and its configuration.

Upgrade Steps

To upgrade xDI Analytics:

  1. Download the latest version of xDI Analytics from the Semarchy website. It is shipped as an archive file, containing a Web Application Archive.

  2. Undeploy the previous version of Analytics from your application server.

  3. Configure Analytics’s home application folder as detailed in the installation guide.

  4. Deploy the new xDI Analytics web application.

Connect to Analytics

When the deployment is complete, you can access the xDI Analytics application at the following URL. This URL may vary depending on the application server configuration:


Post-Upgrade Steps

Depending on the version of Semarchy xDI from which you upgrade, you need to perform actions after the upgrade procedure.

The actions are listed incrementally, please read all the sub-sections in this document until you reach your current Semarchy xDI product version. If no action is indicated in this document for your versions, then no specific action is required.

For example, when upgrading from 2.x to 2023.1.x, install version 2023.1.x and follow the upgrade steps of 3.x, 5.3.x in addition to those of 2023.1.x.

Upgrading from Versions Before 2023.1.0

If you are upgrading from a version before 2023.1.0:

  • Update Runtimes Configuration

    • Open the Administration and go to the Runtime tab.

    • For each Runtime configured in Analytics, define the protocol in the Host field when it is undefined, as it is now mandatory. For example, change localhost to http://localhost. See Configure runtimes for more details.

  • Install the H2 JDBC Driver

    • This driver is no longer shipped with xDI Analytics and must be copied to the xDI Analytics webapp home. See Configure log databases for details.

      Adding the driver if you are using log databases stored in H2 databases, which is Runtime’s default.

Upgrading from versions before 3.x

If you are upgrading from a version before 3.x, follow the upgrade steps of all the major intermediate versions between your version and 2023.1.x.