Salesforce component


The Salesforce component lets you create Salesforce integration flows in Semarchy xDI.

Install the Salesforce component

If you did not install it yet, install the Salesforce component in Designer by following the component installation process.

Supported features

Feature Description


The following authentication methods are supported for Salesforce:

  • Basic

  • OAuth2


Salesforce data structured can be reverse-engineered in dedicated metadata.


Inbound and outbound integration with Salesforce objects is supported. Objects can be retrieved then integrated into other systems. They can also be inserted, updated, or deleted.


Replication from Salesforce to a target relational database is supported. Replication leverages advanced capabilities such as Incremental Replication and Change Data Capture.

Change Data Capture

Change Data Capture (CDC) detect and stores changes occurring in Salesforce objects to only consume these changes for integration. CDC is supported for replication as well.

Bulk Mode

Bulk Mode is support to read and write data from and to Salesforce.