Oracle Database


With the Oracle component, you can produce fully customized Oracle Database data flows in Semarchy xDI.

The database structure can be fully reverse-engineered and stored in xDI Metadata. You can then use it when designing mappings and processes to adapt your business rules according to your requirements.

Third-party libraries

Due to licensing restrictions, we cannot distribute the Java libraries for this database. You must obtain them yourself.

After you have the necessary Oracle libraries, create a Oracle module for your project, and add the libraries to the module.

Supported features

Common features

Feature Description


This technology can be reverse-engineered to xDI Metadata.

DDL/DML Operations

Supports DML/DDL operations, such as Insert, Update, Select, Delete, Create or Drop.

Integration Methods

  • Append

  • Incremental Update

Load Methods

  • Generic Load

  • Oracle SQL*Loader

  • External tables

  • Database Link (Oracle to Oracle)

Staging Methods

Can be used as a stage for data transformation, mutualization, and more. The following methods are supported:

  • Staging as Sub-Query

  • Staging as View

  • Staging as Table


Supports defining Reject rules to detect or filter out specific data during integrations.


Supports replicating data to or from this technology using Replicators.

Slowly Changing Dimension (SCD)

Supports the Slowly Changing Dimension (SCD) feature when integrating data in this technology.

Change Data Capture (CDC)

Supports Change Data Capture (CDC), which allows you to capture, follow, and store all changes made when integrating data.

Sub-metadata support

The Oracle component lets you create Sub-Metadata on Oracle Database schema and query folder Metadata nodes.

To learn more about Sub-Metadata, see Work with Sub-metadata.

Additional features

Feature Description

Table analysis

Analyze work and target tables with ANALYZE TABLE or DBMS_STATS.GATHER_TABLE_STATS to optimize data loading during integrations.

Change Data Capture may depend on your Oracle license. When capturing changes using anything other than the triggers, make sure the license includes rights to use the template features.


Support for XML type columns requires additional libraries that do not come with Semarchy xDI. You must find and add the following JAR libraries to the Oracle module:

  • orai18n (orai18n-<version>.jar, based on your database version)

  • xdb6.jar

  • xmlparserv2.jar

For instructions on adding libraries to a module, see Review or edit modules.