Deploy deliveries

A delivery is a self-contained file that includes the tasks a runtime needs to run an integration flow, as well as these tasks' configuration. For example, it may contain connection information, passwords, table names, and more.

You generate, deploy, and execute or schedule delivery execution on a runtime.

Delivery deployment consists of first generating the delivery file, then making it available to an xDI runtime. You can deploy deliveries in three ways:

Deploy deliveries from the Designer

Deploying deliveries from the Designer also runs the generation process. You do not need to generate packages ahead of time, as Designer configures and generates packages automatically from your projects.

The configuration you select in Designer at the time of generation is used by the generated delivery.

To generate and deploy a delivery from the Designer:

  1. In the Runtime view, select and connect to the runtime which you want to deploy.

  2. In the Project Explorer, select the mapping or process you want to deploy.

  3. Right-click and select Build/Run > Publish > Delivery.

  4. Wait for xDI Designer to finish.

Designer generates and publishes your delivery to the connected runtime, after which you can run or schedule the delivery on this runtime.

You can select multiple processes and mappings in the Project Explorer to generate multiple deliveries together. You can also select entire projects or folders to generate deliveries for all the processes and mappings they contain.

You can also script delivery generation using Designer scripts.

Output directory

Designer saves published deliveries to the default repository of the runtime application:

  • For the built-in runtime, this is the runtime/build/deliveries subdirectory in the Designer installation directory, or the Contents/Eclipse/ directory of its macOS Application package.

  • For other runtimes, it is build/deliveries in the runtime installation directory.

You can change the default runtime delivery repository in the runtime configuration file.

Deploy deliveries from Analytics

For production environements, Semarchy xDI Analytics provides features to import, configure, generate and deploy deliveries in multiple environments from the generated packages, using Delivery Projects.

Deploy deliveries manually

To manually deploy a delivery to a target runtime, copy the .deliv delivery file in the target runtime’s deliveries repository. This is the build/deliveries directory, in the runtime installation directory, by default.

Make sure the directory corresponds to what you set in the runtime configuration file.