Retrieve multiple files with different file masks over FTP

FTP does not support using multiple file masks at the same time when retrieving files.

However, you can do it in xDI Designer by using an XSL variable and repetition queries with a Get action.

Add an XSL variable

Open your process, and add an XSL variable from the process palette.

Example of the FTP repetition query process

In the XSL variable properties, edit the Code section so the variable contains all the file masks you want.

For a process that retrieves .txt and .proc files, the variable would look like this:

<value name="*.txt"/>
<value name="*.proc"/>

Add the repetition query

Configure the FTP Get action so it executes for each of the file masks.

Open the action properties, and navigate to the Generation tab. Set the XPath query, variable name, and repetition type.

Example of the FTP repetition query process

FTP remote filename parameter

Finally, set the Ftp Remote Filename parameter to use the filter on each repetition. Set it to the following XPath expression:


Replace <filter_name> with the variable name in your repetition query.

Example of the FTP repetition query process