HTTP REST component


The HTTP REST component implements functionality to call REST and related web APIs, and use them in integration flows. The component comes with a dedicated HTTP REST API metadata object.

Legacy REST workflows

Semarchy xDI also comes with a WSDL connector that can interface with both SOAP and REST APIs. It is useful when you have REST APIs that does not include service descriptions, but requires more configuration. Consult http-rest-legacy/overview.adoc[the legacy documentation here].

You should use the dedicated HTTP REST API metadata when possible.

Supported features

Feature Description


  • Reverse HTTP REST web services with a service descriptor.


All authentication methods supported by HTTP Security metadata.

HTTP methods

All HTTP methods supported.

Sub-metadata support

The HTTP REST component lets you create Sub-Metadata from HTTP REST _root_ and _path_ Metadata nodes.

To learn more about Sub-Metadata, see Work with Sub-metadata.