GCS Delete Bucket



Use this tool to delete a bucket in Google Cloud storage.

To use this tool, define a Google Cloud Storage bucket in your metadata, and add it to the tool as the target to delete.


  1. Add the process action TOOL GCS Delete Bucket from the Process Palette, under the Tools section.

  2. Select a target:

    • Drag and drop one of the following Google Cloud Storage metadata nodes onto the <TARGET> field of the tool:

      • Storage

      • Bucket

  3. Set other tool parameters as needed.

The tool inherits parameters from the metadata node you drag onto it.


Name Default Description




Force delete the contents of the bucket before deleting the bucket itself.


Do not empty the bucket before deleting the bucket itself, and throw an error if the bucket is not empty.

XPath Expression For Target


A valid XPath expression referencing a bucket to use as a target. The expression can return a storage, bucket, or folder node from a Google Cloud Storage metadata object.

Bucket Name

Manual entry of the name of the bucket to delete.