Generate Packages

A package is an archive containing the files and folders needed to generate a delivery.

The Development Team generates packages from mappings and processes ready to release.

The Production Team generates, from these packages, the final deliveries executed by the runtimes.

Generate a Package

There are two methods to generate packages:

Generate Packages from the Designer

To generate a package from the Designer:

  1. In the Project Explorer, select the mapping or process you want to package.

  2. Right-click and select Build/Run > Build > Package.
    The package is generated in the package generation folder.

You can select in the Project Explorer multiple processes and mappings to generate multiple packages. You can also select entire projects and folders to generate the packages for all the processes and mappings they contain.
The alternate Build/Run > Build > Package with Documentation option generates the packages and embeds the process documentation, which can be viewed in production using Semarchy xDI Production Analytics.
Package Generation Folder

The package generation folder is located by default the build/package/ sub-folder of the Designer built-in runtime. This folder is located in <Designer Installation Folder>/runtime/build/packages.

The <Designer Installation Folder> depends on the operating system running Designer.

  • For Windows, it is the folder into which you have copied the semarchy-xdi-designer-windows.exe executable file.

  • For Linux, it is the folder into which you have copied the semarchy-xdi-designer-linux file

  • For macOS, it is the /Applications/Semarchy xDI folder

You can provide a different location for the built-in runtime in the Designer configuration.

Generate Packages from the Command Line

You can automate package generation from the command line by running a Designer script file that commands the generation of multiple packages in batch.

Refer to Designer Scripts for more information.