The Semarchy xDM repository

The repository contains the design-time and run-time information for the Semarchy xDM server.

Repository types

The repository is created when you install Semarchy xDM. The type of the repository (Design Repository or Deployment Repository) is set also at creation time, and the application always connects to a single repository.

The repository creation process is detailed in Create the Semarchy xDM repository.

The type of a repository defines the capabilities of this repository:

  • A Design Repository allows you to perform all design-time and run-time operations.

  • A Deployment Repository only allows run-time operations. You can import closed model editions in such repository but cannot edit them.

Typical repository setup patterns are detailed in Installation patterns. Simple and advanced deployment tasks are explained in Deployment.

Repository and system information

Semarchy xDM exposes the repository and system details as well as the license information.

To view the repository and system details:

  1. In Semarchy Configuration, select System and Repository Information in the navigation drawer.
    An editor showing the the system and repository details appears.

To view the license details:

  1. In Semarchy Configuration User menu, select About.

  2. In the About dialog:

    • The Manage License link displays the current license information and allows you to manage the license.