Export the model documentation

When a model is complete or under development, it is possible to export the documentation for this model.

The Model documentation is generated in HTML format. It includes details about the data model for other application developers to review, and it includes details about the physical tables useful for developing integration jobs that write to or read from the application.

The model documentation includes the following documents:

  • The Logical Model Documentation, which includes a description of the logical model and the rules involved in the certification process.

  • The Applications Documentation, which includes a description of the applications of the model and their related components (views, business view, etc).

  • The Physical Model Documentation, which includes a description of the physical tables generated in the data location when the model is deployed. This page is a physical model reference document for the integration developers.

To generate the model documentation:

  1. In the Model Design view, select the model node at the root of the tree.

  2. Right-click and select Export Model Documentation.

  3. In the Model Documentation Export dialog, select the documents to generate.

  4. Select the appropriate Encoding and Locale for the exported documentation. The local defines the language of the generated documentation.

  5. Click OK to download the documentation.

The documentation is exported in a zip file containing the selected documents.

It is possible to export the model documentation only for a valid model.