Install Semarchy xDM on Azure

You can deploy Semarchy xDM in Microsoft Azure to move your data hub to the cloud and scale your deployment as the needs of your data management initiative grow.

There are three Semarchy xDM options available on Azure:

  • The Semarchy xDM Production Deployment Guide: Set up and manage a production-ready infrastructure with high availability and performance using Azure AKS. This is the recommended option by Semarchy for production usage as it provides better flexibility.
    The current document provides best practices and step-by-step instructions to deploy Semarchy xDM in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) using the official Semarchy Docker image.

  • The Semarchy xDM Azure Virtual Machines Offer deploys a single virtual machine containing all the components to run Semarchy xDM for evaluation or development purposes.
    Creating a virtual machine from the offer is explained in the Semarchy xDM tutorials.

  • The Semarchy xDM Solution Template Offer deploys a production-ready infrastructure, with a choice of database technologies, the possibility to enable high availability, etc. Such a deployment is suitable for development, test, or production purposes.
    The current document describes the solution template offer and explains how to use it to set up and manage a Semarchy instance in Azure.

In the following documents, you will learn how to:

  • Plan the configuration of Semarchy xDM for development and production environments in Azure.

  • Start and connect to Semarchy xDM installed in Azure.

  • Optionally integrate Semarchy xDM with Azure Purview using the Purview connector.