Propagate Data Changes with Data Notifications

Data Notifications automatically propagate data changes from the data hub to downstream systems.

A data notification is configured with:

  • A Trigger that defines when the data notification should be sent.

  • A Dataset that defines the content of the data notification and sends Messages.

  • A Target that defines the destination of the data notification.

Notification Trigger

Triggers execute data notifications. A trigger can be:

  • A batch completion event.

    You may optionally configure a list of Watched Entities to trigger the data notification only if the batch includes at least one of those entities.
  • A scheduled event based on a CRON expression.

Dataset and Messages

A data notification uses a Named Query to build a dataset and send messages. This data set takes the form of a JSON payload that can be sent in a unique message or paginated to control the number of records per message.

Notification Target

A target is the destination where the data notification messages are sent. There are three types of targets:

  • REST API endpoint: An HTTP request is issued with a body containing the JSON payload.

  • Kafka topic: A Kafka event is sent. The key of this event is the notification name, and the value is the JSON payload.

  • JMS (Java Message Service) queue or topic: A JMS text message containing the JSON payload is sent.