2024.2 Release Notes

This document provides the latest information about this Semarchy xDG version 2024.2, including new features and bug fixes.

Feature Highlights

This is the initial release of xDG which is the base module of Semarchy Data Intelligence.

Semarchy Data Intelligence empowers you to start at scale or scale-up your enterprise data strategy, providing users with tools to raise metadata visibility above the technical or operational layers, unlike conventional catalogs which are limited to the technical layer. Using specific Data Products related to the business and governance, called initiatives, Data Intelligence provides users with tools to implement their specific data organization to their data assets.

Data Intelligence brings together features related to data quality monitoring, data catalogs, and data governance. Semarchy Data Intelligence is not “yet another” catalog or inventory of assets. By providing an intuitive interface, Data Intelligence provides users across the organization’s complexity with access to pertinent metadata. Semarchy Data Intelligence ensures access and adoption, which augments the probability of a successful data initiative.