View assets in Semarchy xDG

Semarchy xDG provides a simple and efficient view of your catalog’s assets.

The asset page displays the information contained in xDG for this asset.

The asset editor

This information is organized into tabs:

  • General shows the asset documentation and organization, including its domain, initiatives, badges, owners, tags, and related glossary terms, as applicable.

  • Initiatives (for domains and initiatives only) show the child initiatives of the domain or initiative.

  • Assets (for domains, initiative, or asset containers) shows the child assets.

  • Properties shows the properties of the assets.

  • Schema (for datasets) shows the fields/columns that compose the dataset.

  • Lineage (for datasets and data flows) shows a lineage graph, centered on the assets.

  • Profiling (for datasets) shows the profiling statistics for the dataset’s columns.

  • Metrics shows the historized metrics captured for this asset.

The information that you see on the asset editor depends on the access policies defined by the administrators for the asset type and/or instance in the given domain.