Manage harvesters

Semarchy xDG allows you to monitor and manage the harvesters responsible for pushing assets and metrics to your xDG instance.

Administrative privileges are required to monitor and manage the harvesting process.


The harvesters executed within an xDG instance are available on the Harvesters page.

To open this page, select Harvesters in the navigation drawer of Semarchy xDG.

This page lists the harvesters along with their name, source type, latest execution status and timestamp, and number of execution instances.

In the harvester list, you can:

  • Click Open definition Open definition to view a read-only version of a harvester’s recipe.

  • Click the harvester to view its executions in more detail.

Harvester executions

Selecting a harvester directs you to a new page where you can view its execution sessions. This page provides details such as a session’s startup timestamp, duration, status, and ingested assets.

Next to each execution session, you can:

  • Click Open execution logs Open execution logs to open a comprehensive report of the execution. This report displays the assets ingested by xDG and the complete execution log.

  • Click Cancel execution Cancel execution to stop a running harvester.

  • Click Rollback execution Rollback execution to revert changes made by the latest harvester execution.

The rollback operation removes the assets created by the session. However, if an asset created in a session was modified after the session (e.g., in the user interface), the rollback will not remove it entirely but perform a soft delete. This behavior ensures you do not lose any of your work.