Semarchy xDI

This integration extracts deliveries from Semarchy xDI and creates Semarchy xDG assets representing these data flows.

Semarchy xDI harvesting is automatically performed from a Runtime component when a delivery is published to this runtime.

You must configure the Runtime for this automated harvesting.

Configure the runtime

To configure harvesting for a given Runtime, add the metadataHarvester element to the engineParameters.xml configuration file of the Runtime.

Example 1. Runtime configuration for Semarchy xDG harvesting
    <!-- Optional folder to persist the harvesting files -->
    <parameter name="outputFolder"
    <!-- Base URL for the Semarchy xDG api -->
    <parameter name="apiEndpoint"
               value="https:<your-tenant-name>" />
    <!-- Semarchy xDG harvester request path -->
    <parameter name="harvestingPath" value="/harvesting/xdi-runtime" />
    <!-- Semarchy xDG personal access token token -->
    <parameter name="authorizationToken"
    <!-- Optional URN of the initiative assets are associated with.  -->
    <parameter name="defaultInitiativeUrn"

The following table lists the parameters you can use in this configuration.

Parameter Description


Optional Folder into which each harvesting session is dumped as a file named <harvesting-session-id>.xdg.
If this parameter is not set, then apiEndpoint must be configured for the harvested assets to be sent to Semarchy xDG.


URL of the Semarchy xDG site.
If this parameter is unset, the harvesting process persists the harvesting content to the output folder, but no information is sent to Semarchy xDG.


Personal access token used to authenticate to Semarchy xDG. It is required when apiEndpoint is set

You can configure the token using the XDI_RUNTIME_XDG_TOKEN environment property.


Optional URN of the initiative the harvested assets are associated with.

All parameters support the external value resolver syntax available in Semarchy xDI.

Run the harvesting

After configuring the Runtime, any delivery published to this Runtime is automatically synchronized to Semarchy xDG.

This integration is always stateful with no extra configuration. It keeps track of previous harvesting sessions, updating existing assets with changes performed in Semarchy xDI.

Supported version

The Semarchy xDI harvester is compatible with:

  • Semarchy xDI 2024.3.0 MS

  • Semarchy xDI 2024.1.0 LTS and above

  • Semarchy xDI 2023.1.8 LTS and above