Manage domains in Semarchy xDG

Domains in Semarchy xDG are organizational categories where you can group related assets. You can manage Domains centrally or let Domain owners handle them. Each asset belongs to only one Domain at a time.


In a Semarchy xDG, a "domain" typically refers to a logical or thematic grouping or classification of assets based on their subject matter, purpose, or usage. Domains help organize and categorize assets, making it easier for users to discover, understand, and work with data effectively.

For example, in a data catalog for a retail company, domains could include "Sales," "Inventory," "Customer Data," and "Financials." Each of these domains would contain relevant assets related to that specific aspect of the business. Domains provide a high-level structure to the catalog, helping users navigate and locate the data they need within a larger dataset.

Browse domains

To browse domains:

  1. Select Domains & Initiatives in the navigation drawer.
    Each domain appears with its description, count of assets, and owners.

  2. (Optional) If you have a long list of domains, use for Search domains field to search for a specific domain by name.

  3. Click a domain to open it.

The domain page displays the information contained in xDG for this domain.

This information is organized into tabs:

  • General shows the domain documentation and organization, including its badges, owners, tags, and related glossary terms, as applicable.

  • Initiatives show the child initiatives of the domain.

  • Assets shows the assets attached to this domain.

  • Metrics shows the historized metrics captured for this domain.

Create a domain

To create a domain:

  1. Select Domains & Initiatives in the navigation drawer.

  2. Click the Add icon New button.
    The Create new domain dialog opens.

  3. In the Name field, enter the new domain name.

  4. (Optional) In the Description field, enter the domain description.

  5. (Optional) In the Domain ID field, enter a unique domain ID. If you leave this field empty, a random UUID will be generated as the domain ID. This ID is used to uniquely identify the domain and locate it using the domain URN.

  6. Click Create.

The Domain ID cannot be modified after creation.

Edit a domain

In the domain General tab, you can change the domain organizational attributes, including owners, tags, and business terms.

Setting these attributes is similar to the operation you can perform on assets.

Add assets and initiatives

You can add assets and initiatives to a domain by editing them.

Delete a domain

To delete a domain:

  1. Select Domains & Initiatives in the navigation drawer.

  2. Select the domain in the list of domains.

  3. In the editor toolbar, click Delete icon Delete

When you delete a domain, you can reassign its assets and initiatives to another domain.