Define badges


Badges represent the state of an asset. They may be calculated or manually set by users.

A badge is defined with a series of badge states. The value of this badge at a given point in time defines its state.

To use a badge, you must first create its definition, and then assign it to an asset. Finally, if the badge is manual, you can set its value for the asset it is assigned to.

Create a badge

To create a badge:

  1. Select Badges in the navigation drawer.
    The Badges editor appears with the list of badges.

  2. Click Add Icon Create New Badge Definition in the editor toolbar.
    The Create Badge Definition editor opens.

  3. In the Name, enter the badge name.

  4. Select the Type of your badge:

    • A Manual Badge is stored as a simple historized metric.

    • A Calculated Badge is computed from a rule using one or multiple metrics.

  5. For a manual badge, enter the Value Type. You may choose between Boolean, Number or String. This informs xDG that the Code of each Badge State (see below) should be in accordance with the value type specified. For instance, for a Value Type of Boolean, only two states with true and false as codes should be allowed.

  6. For a manual badge, enter the Rule Name. The name of the corresponding metrics is générated from this name, prefixed with Metrics..

  7. For a calculated badge, enter a Rule for this badge. See Rule language to learn more about the rule language syntax and available variables.

  8. Enter a Description for your badge.

  9. Select in the Scope the type of assets to which this badge should apply.

    You can only assign the badge to assets selected in the Scope.
  10. Select Add New State to add a state to this badge.

  11. Enter the Code, Label, Description and select a Color for this badge state.

    The Code is the actual value stored for the badge. When its value matches this code, the badge takes this state.
  12. Repeat the previous steps to add more steps.

  13. Click the Create button to complete the badge creation.

Manage badges

From the Badges editor, you can perform the following operation on badges:

  • edit Edit.

  • delete Delete.

  • feature Set as Featured. A featured badge appears prominently on the assets it is assigned to.