Set the domain

Semarchy xDG harvesting supports automatically assigning harvested assets to domains.

This feature only applies to specific sources. The source page indicates whether it is supported.

Setting the domain while harvesting replaces the existing domain set for all harvested assets, including those that already exist with a given domain, as an asset may only belong to one domain.

In a domain configuration element of the source, you specify a domain ID of URN, and list patterns for the assets that should be assigned to this domain.

Sample recipe

The following sample recipe configures domain assigment for subsets of the harvested assets.

Example 1. Domain assignment sample recipe.
    type: snowflake # A source that supports domains
        # Connection parameters for the source
        # ...
                    - "mdm_hub.customer_b2c.*"
                    - "mdm_hub.product.*"
                    - "mdm_hub.product.*"

With this configuration:

  • Assets harvested in the customer_b2c and product schemas of the mdm_hub database are assigned to the data-quality domain (data-quality is the ID of this domain, and its URN is urn:li:domain:data-quality)

  • Assets harvested in the product schema of the mdm_hub database are assigned to the domain with the given URN.