Manage users

Semarchy xDG allows you to manage users who have access to the Semarchy xDG instance.

Administrative privileges are required to monitor and manage users and roles.


User access to an xDG instance is managed through the Users and Roles page.

To open this page, select Users and Roles in the navigation drawer of Semarchy xDG.

This page lists users along with their current role within xDG. The available roles are:

  • Admin: this role grants full privileges, enabling the management of badges, harvesting execution, user and role mapping, as well as Editor actions.

  • Editor: users with this role can view, modify, organize assets, create initiatives and domains, and trigger harvesting.

  • Reader: users with this role can view assets, but cannot modify or organize them.

  • None: users with this role do not have access to Semarchy xDG.

You can adjust the role for individual users directly on this page. Any changes made are automatically saved.