Deployment is the process to move to run-time a model designed in Semarchy xDM, for testing or production purposes.

Introduction to deployment

Deployment consists in deploying a Model Edition in a Data Location.

Once this model edition is deployed, it is possible to load, access and manage data in the data location using the applications defined in the model.

In this process, the following components are involved:

  • A Data Location is a database schema into which successive Model Editions will be deployed. This data location is declared in Semarchy xDM, and uses a datasource defined in the Semarchy xDM application.

  • In a data location, a Deployed Model Edition is a model version deployed at a given time in a data location. As an model evolves over time, for example to include new entities or functional areas, new model editions are created then deployed. The Deployment History tracks the successive model editions deployed in the data location.

In the deployment process, you can maintain as many data locations as you want in Semarchy xDM, but a data location is always attached to one repository. You can deploy successive model editions into a data location, but only the latest model edition deployed is active in the data location.