Semarchy xDM 2023.3 release notes

This page provides the latest information about Semarchy xDM version 2023.3, including new features and bug fixes.

Support information

Semarchy xDM version 2023.3 is a mainstream support (MS) release.

MS product versions are released throughout the year. They showcase the latest features and enhancements, and will receive active support for a limited period.

Alternatively, long-term support (LTS) versions offer a longer maintenance period with patches and fixes, and benefit from extended support.

For more details about our releases and support policies, see our Support and maintenance terms.

Feature highlights

Wait dialog and automatic refresh

Application designers can now configure a new wait dialog on data authoring or duplicate management actions. This dialog is displayed to the application users completing the actions, while the certification process runs. Users can wait for the data certification process to complete and the data to refresh, or let the certification run in the background to continue their activities.

The wait dialog and automatic refresh provide application users with a better experience and feedback on their interactions.

Multi-record data-driven workflows

Semarchy 2023.3 extends data-driven workflows with multi-record workflows. Workflows can now start from an empty list or a selection of records. This feature provides improved functionality to author, import, create, update, copy, export, and submit these multiple records simultaneously.

This capability extends data-driven collaboration with Semarchy and boosts the productivity and efficiency of teams in their business workflows.

Workflow email automation

Semarchy 2023.3 introduces a new type of step to the Data-Driven Workflows: Email Automation. This new automation enables sending fully customizable emails as part of the workflows.

Email Automation goes beyond sending simple email assignment notifications when the status of a task changes. It provides maximum flexibility to designers to make fully customized and data-driven emails part of the data management workflows: Emails can be sent at any stage of a workflow (between two user tasks, after a router, or before the end of the workflow…). Using SemQL, every aspect of the email, from recipients to the body, is configurable using data (and metadata) from the workflow.

With this feature, companies using data-driven workflows increase efficiency and collaboration between individuals and teams in their data management activities.

Other notable changes

System requirements

  • In accordance with third-party library dependencies, Semarchy no longer supports Java 11. Only Java 17 is supported.

  • Semarchy no longer supports Tomcat 8.5, IBM Websphere Liberty, GlassFish, and Oracle WebLogic application servers.

  • Semarchy no longer supports Oracle Database 18c.


Version 2023.3.0

Breaking changes

  • MDM-14236: To increase security, the X-Forwarded-For,Forwarded, and X-Real-IP HTTP headers are now ignored by default. A new allowXForwardedHeaders system property is available to take these headers into account. It should be activated when the xDM instance is only accessible through a reverse proxy.

Known issues

  • MDM-7254: With PostgreSQL, the application server hosting the Semarchy xDM instance and the database server must be in the same timezone to avoid inconsistent dates in the integration loads.

  • MDM-7917: A boolean field default value is set to null when creating a record and to false when editing it.

  • MDM-7949: A model with a physical column name using a reserved name raises a validation error but can be deployed.

  • MDM-8034: When stopping Semarchy xDM using the Tomcat Manager, a SEVERE message is logged with org.apache.catalina.loader.WebappClassLoaderBase.checkThreadLocalMapForLeaks…​. This message is a known Tomcat issue that can be ignored.

  • MDM-8703: Data import from Excel does not properly handle dates before Feb 28, 1900.

  • MDM-8977: Changing a reference to a fuzzy-matching entity while authoring a master record is not taken into account.

  • MDM-9184: Existing FS_ and FP_ reference column values in a basic entity are overwritten by an enricher when this record is modified by direct authoring in the user interface or by API.

  • MDM-10193: When a record in an entity is updated, records with the same ID in inheriting entities are also updated.

  • MDM-10269: Using the SEM_NUMBER_TO_CHAR function with a string argument does not raise a model validation error but fails with an invalid number error in the log.

  • MDM-10319: Authoring the same record in two different browser windows makes the second authoring fail with a java.lang.IllegalStateException: Current Step (products) should be a form step error.

  • MDM-10738: Duplicate flexElement error occurs at runtime when using a transition named like a form element (e.g., "field", "container") in a business view.

  • MDM-12415: Long Integer values higher than 9223372036854700 raise errors when authoring (Invalid ID for data type (longInteger)) or browsing (<entity name> not found) records.

  • MDM-12996: Login and SSO buttons only work when double-clicked on iOS phones and tablets.

  • MDM-14456: Enabling the Tomcat security manager causes the model documentation export to generate an empty .zip file.

New features

  • MDM-12051: Wait dialog and automatic refresh after completing a stepper or a duplicates manager.

  • MDM-13318: New Send Email workflow automation.

  • MDM-13603: Multi-record workflows are now supported by Data-Driven Worfklows.

Bug fixes

  • MDM-11288: The hierarchy view does not refresh after authoring a record.

  • MDM-12395: Leading and trailing spaces are removed from attribute values in browsing forms and collections.

  • MDM-13861: Deleting a data source before deleting the associated data location prevents Semarchy from starting.

  • MDM-13876: HTTP connections are not closed by REST data notifications.

  • MDM-13900: REST client authentication combining basic authentication and a custom header fails with an HTTP-401 status code.

  • MDM-13934: In the Application Builder, an unexpected semFormDisplayCard_Label component type is available in form fields.

  • MDM-13937: In the Workflow Builder, selecting one workflow in the table view selects them all.

  • MDM-13946: Duplicate managers' performance improvement.

  • MDM-13947: In browsing forms, the Hyperlink component does not render data URLs containing images.

  • MDM-13949: In the Users section of Configuration, the Select Columns dialog does not allow selecting additional columns.

  • MDM-14023: In the Workflow Builder, the workflows list in table view does not refresh after deleting a workflow.

  • MDM-14025: Steppers triggers and validations are not executed in workflow user tasks.

  • MDM-14074: The collection view at the root of a hierarchy does not refresh after authoring a record.

  • MDM-14087: Entering a number in an integer or long integer field returns a format validation error when no thousands separator is set in the user’s profile.

  • MDM-14108: The priority set while performing a transition in Data-Driven Workflows is not saved on the workflow instance.

  • MDM-14110: Workflow user task icons in SVG format now use the application’s primary color.

  • MDM-14114: Reference fields do not show the selected record after a selection with a reference picker.

  • MDM-14117: Unexpected margins truncate collection columns content.

  • MDM-14146: Enabling the Tomcat security manager causes the following error at server startup and during integration jobs: access denied.

  • MDM-14151: Clicking a row in My Tasks, My Workflows, or the Administration UI unexpectedly refreshes the table and scrolls to the top of the page.

  • MDM-14163: Master records cannot be moved to an existing golden record in the graph view of a Merge or Split duplicates manager.

  • MDM-14164: File upload security enhancement. The maximum number of files that can be uploaded at once in Configuration and in the Application Builder is now set to 100 files. A new -Dcom.semarchy.mdm.maxImportFileCount system property allows customizing this value.

  • MDM-14171: Email notifications are not sent by data-driven workflows if the entity’s display card has no secondary text.

  • MDM-14204: Email notifications are not sent by data-driven workflows if the primary or secondary text of the entity’s display card contains user-dependent variables.

  • MDM-14205: Column Values histograms in xDM Discovery show duplicate values counts.

  • MDM-14206: Authoring fields do not reflect model privileges grants in the context of workflow user tasks.

  • MDM-14209: The Always Authored in the MDM Override Strategy defined for an attribute does not allow editing its value on authoring forms.

  • MDM-14210: Third-party library upgrade: net.minidev and nimbus-jose-jwt.

  • MDM-14212: Starting a workflow instance from a collection for a record having a UUID primary key fails with an unexpected server error.

  • MDM-14214: The body and subject of assignment notification emails no longer show the workflow instance ID.

  • MDM-14220: Localization fix - a tooltip appears in French on continuous load creation.

  • MDM-14221: Duplicate managers performance optimization.

  • MDM-14235: Form fields in sections with a vertical layout use the entire vertical space available instead of aligning to the top.

  • MDM-14236: API keys security enhancement.

  • MDM-14240: Model documentation export fails when the Semarchy instance runs with JDK 17.

  • MDM-14245: Third-party module upgrade: Apache Tomcat for xDM Preconfigured.

  • MDM-14268: The default user settings defined in the configuration of the internal identity provider are not taken into account when creating a new user.

  • MDM-14279: Zipped SVG files are not imported into image libraries.

  • MDM-14293: Object form fields disappear from authoring forms after a file upload when a validation uses their value.

  • MDM-14304: Third-party library upgrade: xercesImpl.

  • MDM-14438: After selecting a transition from a workflow user task, the wait dialog remains open forever if an automation runs and fails.

  • MDM-14355: With ID-matched entities, the absence of publisher ID for referenced records cause components such as browsing, named queries, enrichers, and validations to fetch incorrect references when several master records have the same ID with different publishers. A new -Dmdm.dataaccess.resolveIDMatchedRefsWithSamePubId system property allows bypassing this limitation by forcing the publisher ID to the same value as the child record’s. This property is set to false by default and must be set to true to enable this behavior.

  • MDM-14361: Starting a workflow instance from the browsing form of a record having a UUID primary key fails with an unexpected server error.

  • MDM-14364: The Application Management privilege is unexpectedly required in addition to Application Design to have access to the Application Builder.

  • MDM-14397: In browsing forms, Hyperlink fields configured with the same-window target open in a new window or tab.

  • MDM-14399: Attribute values of type Date set in a workflow user task are not persisted after triggering a transition requiring stepper completion.

  • MDM-14407: Third-party module upgrade: Apache Tomcat for xDM Preconfigured.

  • MDM-14420: Duplicate email notifications are sent on workflow user task assignment.

  • MDM-14421: The max size for workflow attachments displayed on the startup and transition dialogs is not consistent with the value defined for the workflow.

  • MDM-14447: Localization fix - French message on record selection in stepper collection steps.