Create a model branch

Model branches allow you to maintain several parallel versions of the model.

Branching a model edition enables restarting and modifying a closed edition of a model. Branching creates a new branch based on a given edition, and opens a first edition of this branch.

Create a new branch

It is only possible to branch from closed model editions.
When creating a model, a first branch named <model_name>_root is created with the first model edition.

To create a new branch:

  1. In the Management view, expand the Model Administration node, then expand the model and the model branch containing the edition that you want to branch from.

  2. Right-click the closed edition from which you want to branch from and select Create Model Branch From this Edition. The Create New Model Branch wizard opens.

  3. In the Create New Model Branch wizard, check the Auto Fill option and then enter the following values:

    • Name: Internal name of the object.

    • Label: User-friendly label for this object. Note that as the Auto Fill box is checked, the Label is automatically filled in. Modifying this label is optional.

  4. In the Description field, optionally enter a description for the Model Branch.

  5. Click Finish to close the wizard.

  6. In the Model Branch Created dialog, click Yes to open the first edition of this new branch.

  7. The newly created edition opens in the Model Design view.