Semarchy Email validator

The Semarchy Email validator checks the quality of email addresses.

Plug-in ID

Semarchy Email Validator -


This enricher takes an Input Email Address and checks its syntactic validity. The domain name validity is optionally also checked using MX records lookup.

The plug-in uses the same mechanisms as the Email enricher for checking the email validity, except that it does not modify the incoming email.

This plug-in is thread-safe and supports parallel execution.

Plug-in parameters

The following table lists the plug-in parameters.

Parameter name Mandatory Type Description

Accepted Domains



Value tolerated for the email domain. Possible values:

  • ALL_DOMAINS accepts all syntactically valid domains.

  • VALID_DOMAINS accepts only domain that are known to be valid (found in the locale cache as being valid or for which the MX lookup was successful).

  • VALID_AND_UNKNOWN is used in Offline Mode to accept/reject records based on their status (valid/invalid) found in the local cache. Unknown domains (not found in the local cache) are accepted.
    Syntax checking is always done and an email with an invalid syntax will always be rejected.

Offline Mode



Set to `1' to query only the local domain cache. The plug-in does not perform the MX Record Lookup.

Processing Mode



Processing mode: DATABASE (default) or MEMORY. Memory mode is faster but requires more memory as it caches entirely the host name validation cache in memory.

Plug-in inputs

The following table lists the plug-in inputs.

Input name Mandatory Type Description

Input Email Address



Input email address to check.