Several types can be used in the Semarchy xDM models:

  • Built-in types are part of the platform (e.g., string, integer, etc.).

  • Lists of values (LOVs) are a user-defined list of string codes and labels. For example, Gender (M:Male, F:Female), `VendorStatus (OK:Active, KO:Inactive, HO:Hold)`.

  • User-defined types are a user restriction on a built-in type. For example, the GenericNameType type can be defined as a String(80) and the ZipCodeType can be used as an alias for Decimal (5,0).

  • Complex types are customized composite types made of several definition attributes using built-in types, user-defined types, or lists of values. For example, an Address complex type has the following definition attributes: Street Number, Street Name, Zip Code, City Name, and Country.

All these types, as well as the user-defined types, are reused across the entire model.

Lists of values, user-defined types, or complex types are used by reference in the rest of the model. Changes performed to such a type directly impact the entities and attributes using this type. To list the attributes using a type and analyze the impact of changing a type, open the editor for this type and then select the Used in item in the left sidebar.