Deploy Integration Flows

The final artifact produced by Semarchy xDI from the processes and mappings that you design is a Delivery.

Understand Deliveries

A delivery is a self-contained file that includes the tasks a runtime needs to run an integration flow, as well as these tasks' configuration (For example, the connection information such as hosts, ports, passwords, etc).

A delivery is generated, deployed, and finally executed or scheduled on a runtime.

Understand Packages

A package is an archive containing the files and folders needed to generate a delivery.

The Development Team generates packages from mappings and processes ready to release.

The Production Team generates, from these packages, the final deliveries executed by the runtimes.

Deployment Cycle

The overall lifecycle for the integration flows is as follows:

  1. The Development Team develops and tests integration flows (Mappings and Processes).

  2. The Development Team generates packages and send them to the Production Team.

  3. The Production Team generates deliveries from the packages, including the environement configuration.

  4. The Production Team deploys, then schedule-deliveries.adoc[schedules] or runs the deliveries on runtimes.

The following pages detail how to perform the various deployment steps: