Vertica Array and Row types

You can manipulate Vertica Array and Row datatypes in Semarchy xDI, and use them in data flows.

Design and reverse-engineering

Design Vertica Array and Row datatypes in Vertica metadata objects. They can be automatically added when reverse-engineering tables, or you can manually design them in. For more information, see the Getting started page.

Read data

To read data inside Vertica Array and Row datatypes:

  1. Create a mapping.

  2. Add the Vertica table containing Array and Row types as the source.

  3. Add any target datastore.

  4. Map the source columns to the target columns.

  5. Run your mapping.

Write data

The Vertica component in Semarchy xDI version 2023.3 does nt support writing to Array and Row types in a mapping. This feature is planned for a later release.