Google Cloud Storage

Semarchy xDI allows to work with Google Cloud Storage to perform operations such as creating Buckets, sending retrieving, copying, moving or deleting Blobs, defining metadata on Blobs, …​

A dedicated Metadata is available to define Google Cloud Storage Buckets, folders, and information which will next be used to perform operations on the platform.

Supported Features

Feature Description

Bucket Operation

  • Create Bucket

  • Delete Bucket

Folder Operation

  • Create empty Folder

Blob Operation

  • Create Blob

  • Copy Blob

  • Move Blob

  • Update Blob

  • Get Blob

  • Delete Blob

Advanced Filtering

When performing operations on Google Cloud Storage such as copying, moving, retrieving, …​ Blobs, Semarchy xDI offers the possibility to filter the Blobs on which to operate through different kind of filters.

  • You can filter through a mechanism of includes and excludes using masks such as "*" or "**"

  • You can filter through the path (prefix) of Blobs

  • You can filter through the Google metadata key / value properties that can be defined on Blobs

Advanced Creation of Buckets

When creating a Bucket, you can define all the properties such as the Location Type, Storage Class, Life Cycle rules, …​

Life Cycle Rules

The Component supports defining Bucket Life Cycle Rules in Metadata, which will be used when creating the corresponding Bucket to define its Life Cycle Rules.

Blob Key / Value metadata

The Component supports defining the Google’s Key / Value metadata properties that can be defined on Blobs.

Those metadata can be defined when creating a Blob, when updating a Blob, or as a filter when retrieving, copying, moving, …​ Blobs.