Parameterize Processes

Parameters are used to parameterize the behavior of a process. Parameter values are passed when the process is started or when using it as a referenced process.

Create a Process Parameter

To create a process parameter:

  1. In the Process editor’s Palette, select the Parameter tool in the Component accordion.

  2. Click on the process diagram. A block representing your parameter is added to the diagram.

  3. Right-click this block and then select Show Properties View.
    The properties view appears.

  4. In the Properties views, set the following values in the Core section:

    • Name: Name of the parameter. Use a naming convention for these names since they are used in the variable path.

    • Type: Type of the parameter.

    • Value: Default Value for this parameter.

  5. Press Ctrl+S to save the process.

Use a Parameter in a Process

You can use a process parameter anywhere in your workflow, for example in the code of an action, using the ${<parameter_name>}$ syntax.

Set Parameters when Starting a Process

In a Referenced Process

When using a process as a reference in a parent process, the values of the parameters are configured in the Properties of the process step.

When Starting the Process

When starting the delivery generated from the process, the parameters of the process are exposed and can be set on when running deliveries, for example in the delivery startup command.
For example:

./ -name delivery_001 -var ~/parameter_001 value_001