Configure Preferences

In the Preferences tab of the Administration editor, you can manage and configure Semarchy xDI Production Analytics behavior.

Table 1. Semarchy xDI Production Analytics Preferences
Preference Description

Analyze Deployments at Package Editor opening

Select this option to automatically analyze deployment status when opening the package editor, to to check the availability of runtimes, etc. You can the refresh button to analyze specific deployments the package editor.

Validate Delivery Projects on change

Select this option to automatically validate delivery projects when changes are made in a package editor, and display error or warning icons in the Navigator view.

Display Version popup upon creation

Select this option to open the package import popup when adding a new package manager version.

Auto connect Runtimes

Select this option to automatically create and maintain connections to runtimes. A failed connection restarts automatically after the Runtime connection retry interval

Runtime connection retry interval

Time to wait before re-connecting a runtime after a connection failure.

Auto refresh enabled by default

Select this option to automatically refresh Session Reports.

Session refresh Frequency

Session Report refresh interval, when Auto-Refresh is enabled.

Hide Actions in Session Reports

Select this option to If true, actions available under the sessions are hidden and not loaded while retrieving sessions. This provides faster navigation performances for sessions with large number of actions.

Retrieve Deployments details in Session Reports

Select this option for Analytics to analyze sessions and possibly associate them to delivery projects.

HTTP Sessions timeout

If no operation is performed during this delay, a session is automatically closed.