Manage Deployments with Delivery Projects

Deployment is managed in Semarchy xDI Production Analytics using Delivery Projects. Delivery Projects are used to configure, manage and deploy deliveries to multiple environments.

Understand Delivery Projects

A Delivery Project contains a number of versioned Package Managers. A package manager is a containers for deliveries sources to build and deploy.

Package manager Versions are deployed (as Deployment) to Environements. Each environment defines the Runtimes to which the deliveries are deployed and the Configurations applied to these deliveries.

ana package editor overview

You can create, for each Package Manager, different versions and selectively deploy these versions to specific environments.

For example, you can deploy a package manager version to a Development environment, while deploying the latest stable package manager version to the Production environement.

Each Package Manager has its own life cycle which can be managed using the Semarchy xDI Production Analytics user interface or REST API.

Delivery Projects replace the feature called Deployment Managers.

Delivery Projects Concepts

Name Description

Delivery Project

Logical group of Package Managers to deploy to the same group of Environments.

Package Manager

Logical and versioned placeholder which will be used to import sources, create versions, generate and deploy final deliveries.

Package Manager Version

Logical placeholder representing a version of a Package Manager, into which sources will be imported.


A set of Configurations and Runtimes which will be applied to the sources when building and deploying a version.


Association between a Package Manager Version and the Environment for which this version should be configured and deployed to.


Named placeholder into which the environment-specific - externalized metadata attributes - values (Server URLs, passwords, etc.) are stored. For example, a Test configuration stores the Metadata attribute values related to the Test & QA environment.


Runtime into which generated deliveries are deployed and executed.


A Source corresponds to a Process developed in Semarchy xDI Designer. A source package archive generated with Designer can be imported into Analytics in a package manager version.


A delivery is the self-contained final artifact executed or scheduled in the Runtimes. It contains the entire sequence of tasks to run, and is fully configured (for example connection information - server, ports, passwords, etc - is in the delivery.