Google Cloud Storage

Semarchy xDM Data Integration allows to work with Google Cloud Storage to perform operations such as creating Buckets, sending retrieving, copying, moving or deleting Blobs, defining metadata on Blobs, …​

A dedicated Metadata is available to define Google Cloud Storage Buckets, folders, and information which will next be used to perform operations on the platform.

Supported Features

Feature Description

Bucket Operation

  • Create Bucket

  • Delete Bucket

Folder Operation

  • Create empty Folder

Blob Operation

  • Create Blob

  • Copy Blob

  • Move Blob

  • Update Blob

  • Get Blob

  • Delete Blob

Advanced Filtering

When performing operations on Google Cloud Storage such as copying, moving, retrieving, …​ Blobs, Semarchy xDM Data Integration offers the possibility to filter the Blobs on which to operate through different kind of filters.

  • You can filter through a mechanism of includes and excludes using masks such as "*" or "**"

  • You can filter through the path (prefix) of Blobs

  • You can filter through the Google metadata key / value properties that can be defined on Blobs

Advanced Creation of Buckets

When creating a Bucket, you can define all the properties such as the Location Type, Storage Class, Life Cycle rules, …​

Life Cycle Rules

The Component supports defining Bucket Life Cycle Rules in Metadata, which will be used when creating the corresponding Bucket to define its Life Cycle Rules.

Blob Key / Value metadata

The Component supports defining the Google’s Key / Value metadata properties that can be defined on Blobs.

Those metadata can be defined when creating a Blob, when updating a Blob, or as a filter when retrieving, copying, moving, …​ Blobs.