Manage Runtimes

Product users monitor and manage runtimes in Semarchy xDI Production Analytics, including their status and deliveries.

In the Navigator view, under the Runtimes node the runtimes included in the selected profiles are listed.

ana navigator runtimes

If the list is empty, check that a profile is selected, and that is configured with runtimes.

Select a Profile

Listed runtimes are retrieved from the currently selected profile or runtime.

You can select a profile or a runtime from the profile view drop-down at the lower-left corner of the Semarchy xDI Production Analytics window.

ana profiles

Runtime Details

Double-click a runtime in the Navigator view to open its editor.

This editor has several tabs:

  • The Monitoring tab provides information about the clients currently connected to the runtime and about the running session threads.

  • The Virtual Machine tab provides real-time information about the Java Virtual Machine hosting the runtime.

  • The Test tab is used to perform connection tests directly on the runtime. You can test an IP route (To check that the runtime can connect another host on a specific port), and you can test the existence of a folder (directory) on the runtime host.

  • The Purge tab is used to schedule a purge for the runtime log database. You can add, edit or remove purges with the corresponding buttons. You can also configure scheduled purges.

  • The Command tab allows you to execute remote commands on the runtime.

Manage Runtime Deliveries

Deliveries deployed in a runtime appear under their respective runtimes in the Navigator view.

You can open a delivery by double-clicking it in the Navigator view. You can start, restart or delete sessions for this delivery from that view.

You can right-click a delivery in the navigator to run or schedule that delivery.

For example, to schedule a delivery:

  1. Expand the runtime and then right-click the delivery in the Navigator view.

  2. Select New Schedule.
    A New Schedule dialog appears.

  3. In this dialog, set the schedule and job name.

  4. Define the execution options, and select the execution schedule either by filling the Second, Minute, etc, tabs to generate a cron expression for the runtime scheduler.

ana schedule editor