Twitter Component


Semarchy xDI allows to work with Twitter to produce fully customized Data Flows.

Install the Twitter Component

The Twitter Component is installed from Semarchy xDI Designer using the component installation feature.

Supported Features

Feature Description


A Twitter Metadata can be created.

Semarchy operations can be reversed automatically to start working with it.


Below, a non-exhaustive list of supported operations:

  • Post, retrieve, and engage with Tweets

  • Follow, search, and get users

  • Search Tweets

  • Manage account settings and profile

  • Mute, block, and report users

  • Sending and receiving events

  • Get Tweet timelines

  • Get information about a place

  • Get locations with trending topics

  • Get trends near a location

  • And more…​

The operations presented above are common operations which are available at reverse, already designed, ready to use.

You can design also your own operations based on Twitter REST API.