Install Components

A Component contains all the resources required to work on a given technology.

Some components are already installed by default in Semarchy xDI Designer but some ther components must be installed afterwards.

Components contain resources such as:

  • Technology definitions

  • Metadata definitions

  • Templates

  • Modules

  • Sample projects

For more details and the full list of components, refer to the components documentation.

Certain components require a specific license. A component not included in your license can be installed, but will not be available in Semarchy xDI Designer.

Review the Installed Components

You can review the components installed in Designer from the About dialog, by clicking the Installation Details button.

From that dialog, you can also selectively uninstall Components.

Install Components

To install components:

  1. In Designer, select the Help  Install New Software menu.
    The Install dialog opens.

  2. Select in the Work with drop-down-list the update site serving the components.

  3. Select the components that you want to install and click Next.

  4. Review the list of components to install and click Next.

  5. Review and accept the license terms, and then click Finish.

  6. Restart Designer if prompted to.

About upgrades

When Designer restarts after upgrading a component, existing modules related to this component are automatically updated with the latest resources available.