Configure Runtimes

Semarchy xDI Production Analytics connects runtimes to monitor their status, activity and sessions.

Configure a Runtime

To configure a runtime:

  1. In the Analytics toolbar, in the user menu, select Administration.

  2. In the Administration editor, select the Runtimes tab.

  3. Click the Add button.

  4. Specify the Name for the runtime

  5. Enter the Host and the Port on which to connect

  6. Optionally set a User and Password if you have configured authenticated access for this runtime.

  7. Test the connection through the Test button

  8. Select Show in logs selection to have this runtime appear in the profile selector.

  9. Select Hide in navigator to hide this runtime from the Navigator view.

  10. Select Disable log database proxy to prevent Semarchy xDI Production Analytics from retrieving session information from this runtime. Use this option if you have separately configured a connection to the runtime’s log database.

  11. Save the editor.

ana parameters runtime

Make sure to configure your network to allow the Analytics server to access the runtime host on its service port (Default: 42000)
  • If you configure Analytics to connect the runtime’s log database directly. Make sure to select Disable log database proxy for the runtime. on each Runtime.

  • If your runtime uses a different log database than the default one, make sure to add the corresponding JDBC drivers in the /jdbc subdirectory of the folder defined in the XDI_ANALYTICS_WEBAPP_HOME variable.